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We offer clients a comprehensive staffing platform, functioning within a framework of five distinct recruiting divisions, further distinguishing its services to the industry. These units are the Engineering and Manufacturing Group, IT and Technical Group, Healthcare and Science Group, Oil, Gas and Energy Group, and the Professional, Financial and Specialty Group. Each Group is a savvy team of professionals, led by a seasoned expert in the field, and focuses solely on the major disciplines within its area of interest. Each candidate is pre-screened for competence and compatibility prior to initial presentation. 


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E-Learning & Training Courses

We help companies with all sizes to boost productivity and save money with blended learning.


We offer our clients the most powerful, most intuitive software for creating interactive courses, and deliver interactive online courses for employee training, employee onboarding, product tutorials, etc. so that they can learn and take the classes anywhere using smart phone/tablet, or laptop.




Employee Onboarding

We offer solutions to small to middle size business HRIS that connects with your payroll, benefits, time, talent, and compliance in the cloud.


  • Paystubs

  • Employee handbook

  • Contracts & IP agreements

  • Job offer letters

  • Tax withholding forms

  • Printable insurance cards

  • ...and more







Income Tax Reduction.  Tax Planning & Retirement Planning.


401K Plan Design/Rollover. Connect what you have. Or offer new benefits.


Keep your existing plans, pricing, and carriers, or set up new benefits in minutes. No matter which you choose, we help your business manage it all from one online dashboard.


Run payroll and file taxes, all without lifting a finger.

We connect everything HR—benefits, compliance, time-tracking, and more—to your payroll, so it can run itself.
Every change is instantly updated, and every pay run is automated. So sit back, relax, and watch payroll happen.


Health Insurance Compliance


We offer you the assurance of online and automatic 
healthcare compliance for ACA, COBRA, and ERISA.


The insurance and peace of mind. Safeguard against the unexpected.



Know that the plans you offer meet Minimum Value Coverage requirements—at a glance. Our software automatically tracks data, generates forms, and notifies your employees, too.



Get peace of mind during offboarding. Our software automatically tracks qualifying events, sends employees the mandatory notices, and debits and credits payments.



Store the employee data you need for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act reporting and disclosure requirements.


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